Swiss national, a Maoist sympathiser, arrested in Kerala

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    Thiruvanthpuram: Police on Tuesday arrested a Maoist sympathiser in Thrissur district of Kerala. Jonathan Bold, a Swiss national, arrived in Kerala on a tourist visa and attended a meeting organised in memory of a Maoist activist.
    Bold has been charged under the Foreigners Act, Section 14(b), which pertains to violation of visa conditions. Police said some Maoist literature had been recovered from him.
    Thrissur rural superintendent of police N Vijaykumar said Bold, 24, and his partner Valerie Celine arrived in India on July 1. Their tourist visa is valid till September 16.
    "He (Bold) arrived in Kerala a few days back and came to Thrissur from Kannur yesterday (Monday). He then took part in a commemoration meeting of a Maoist, Sinoj, who hails from here and died in the Andhra Pradesh forests some time back. At the meeting, Clode even spoke. He also took part in a CPI-M meeting in Kozhikode to protest against the Gaza bombings. As per visa rules, a foreigner is forbidden from taking part in such meetings," said Vijaykumar.
    At the Kozhikode meeting, Bold is reported to have introduced himself as Mathew and said he is from France.
    "Our officials are questioning him. At times, he speaks in French and in English and appears to be hiding information. We are seeking his remand and will produce him before a magistrate," said Vijaykumar.
    Bold told police he is interested in Leftist thoughts and is an ardent follower of Subhash Chandra Bose.
    The police, however, have not taken any action against Celine, even though she was picked up for questioning.
    Swiss national, a Maoist sympathiser, arrested in Kerala - IBNLive
    Looks like the maoist scums are getting all kind of sympathizers from around the world!From now on we should rather look into the background of all the foreign nationals who visit India to stop potential maoist sympathizers from coming to India:rolleyes:
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    is pe POTA, TADA lao, chitter lao, give him in custody of punjab police.

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