Suppression will revive armed struggle: Geelani

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    North Frontier, The Mighty Himalaya's
    Says ‘Youth Mulling Other Options To End Repression’


    Srinagar, June 18: Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani Monday asserted that “suppression and curbs by the state government will again lead to armed struggle in Kashmir.”
    “The government is pursuing the policy of peace of graveyards. The policy is being carried out by the brutality of police and armed forces. If this policy of suppression, discrimination and barbarism continues, our young generation will take to guns. They are mulling other options. They are obviously thinking as to why they are not allowed to talk or to visit any place.” Geelani said, addressing a press conference at his Hyderpora residence,
    He said: “I had to visit the house of GK Senior Editor Arif Shafi Wani to condole his father’s demise. But I was not allowed to go there. Is this what the Government calls peace? They are tarnishing peace by their policies of suppression. Don’t they think that young generation is observing all these things keenly? They are thinking about all this. They are exploring other options to end repression. They do meet me. They will not tolerate this policy for long.”
    Taking a dig at police for claiming that his visit to the Martyrs Graveyard at Eidgah here “would have disrupted peace and led to group clashes”, Geelani said: “Police should know that we are united. We don’t have personnel grudge against anyone. There can be difference of political opinion, but that does mean we are against each other. Actually it is they (government) who want to create tensions between us. We have a broad vision. We have never tried to confront each other. It has been our stand that killing anyone on political ideology is condemnable.”
    Geelani also said that last time they organized a conference of Ulema to bridge the gap and forge unity among people, “but police did not allow us to organize the 2nd phase of the conference. Police put cubs to foil the conference. It proves that police is in favour of infighting between people.’
    Appealing the United Nations to form a tribunal to investigate the case of killings, rapes, enforced disappearances, arson and loot, Geelani said: “A case should be registered against those people who rule here. The probe panel should tell them (rulers) that they are responsible for giving the forces a free hand to kill people.”
    On a question about Indo-Pak talks over Siachen, Geelani said that Siachen is part of Kashmir issue. “If Kashmir issue will be solved, Siachen will also be solved. Solving Siachen would have benefited both the nations, but they don’t solve it. How can we expect they would solve Kashmir issue? It is in the interest of India to show realistic approach and allow right to self determination in J&K.”
    He also said that Chief Minster Omer Abdullah has “copied” his statement about Siachen, “He (Omar) was patted for the same statement and I was placed under house arrest.”
    Geelani also criticized the government for “forcing” family of People’s League Chairman, Ghulam Muhammad Khan Sopori to vacate his house. “They have documents of the house. Where will they go? It is highly condemnable,” he said.
    He also congratulated people for observing strike against the killings and double rape and murder case of Shopian.

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    Suppression will revive armed struggle Geelani Lastupdate:- Tue, 19 Jun 2012 18:30:00 GMT
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    Land Locked pakistan
    mother india has taken enough crap from these paki kashmiri agents.
    Just look at the peace loving people an fire broke out in some shrine and all of them came on the streets pelting stones on police and fire fighterss

    Its time to end this drama once and for all. But that looks like a dream. Forgot we are rules by noble piss price hopefull MMS :-(
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    Surfeit of Pak and ISI money will have a faux armed struggle!
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    I personally believe that mullahs of Kashmir valley should revive armed struggle and this time around Indian Army should take the opportunity and ethnically cleanse the pure land of Kashmir valley and settle Pandits with AK-47s!

    Army should not pay heed to any BS of corrupt anti-nation/secular GOI lead by a fool of a PM and a lowlife illiterate Italian Madam, or its media whores! Fcukin shoot them too if needed and clean up the mess in this country! Trust me this clean up drive is needed, and once and for all this sham of treacherous secularistic loot and plunder is put to rest!
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