Super Hercules in air ambulance mode lands at Bagdogra

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    KOLKATA: Chetak and Mi-17 helicopters of the Indian Air Force flying into the Jorhat Air Force Station from forward bases with injured soldiers. An-32 transport aircraft carry in some more from Advanced Landing Grounds (ALGs) along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Some are shifted to the local IAF hospital while the seriously injured are transferred to a waiting C130J Super Hercules which takes off for Bagdogra within minutes.

    Sounds like a clip right out of a war movie. This was no movie but the injured soldiers were playacting. The remaining members of the 'cast' were serious. After all, this was a drill - part of Ex Casevac East 2013 - that needs to be perfected if valuable lives are to be saved during any aggression from across the LAC. The Super Hercules finally lands at Bagdogra and the 50 patients are brought out and transferred to waiting ambulances.

    The Army and IAF are certainly taking the possibility of a military strike by China quite seriously. Apart from developing infrastructure to counter any such move, support mechanism is also being perfected. According to an officer, Ex Casevac East 2013 involved the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal and Sikkim. While Arunachal and Sikkim share borders with the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and China, Assam and West Bengal will play vital roles in the movement of men and equipment and casualty evacuation.

    "The Super Hercules was modified into an air ambulance configuration with 'patient transfer unit' and life saving equipment. It became part of the 'critical care air transport team' for speedily airlifting casualties from a simulated disaster zone in Jorhat, upper Assam to Bagdogra in West Bengal. Helicopters and smaller transport aircraft like An-32s participated in the drill. This was a demonstration that will benefit stakeholders like the Army, paramilitary forces and disaster management response managers from Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Sikkim," the officer added.

    According to him, the exercise successfully showcased the IAF and Army's operational preparedness, cohesion and professional capabilities besides synergizing inter-dependencies among the various stakeholders in disaster situations. It was also aimed to evaluate, analyze and adapt to ever-changing situations, lack of time, information and resources.

    Super Hercules in air ambulance mode lands at Bagdogra - The Times of India

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