South Sudan, Israel’s New Ally

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    South Sudan is an oil rich country that has recently won independence from Sudan.

    It is still a turbulent place.

    China has great interest in this area, but their schemes are meeting problems since the South Sudan is not keen to pump the oil to the port in Sudan and instead wants to funnel it through the African countries to the South and thence to their ports.

    It appears that Israel is entrenching itself in South Sudan. The fact that the South Sudanese President did his maiden foreign tour to Israel and also the country opening an embassy (the only country to do so) in Jerusalem, speaks for itself of the seriousness of the bond.

    The fact that George Bush was also instrumental is worth note.

    It is obvious that neither Israel nor the US will shift its gaze too far and will play a major role in the development of the country and that would put others who are keen to have a toehold in difficulty.
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