Somalia’s Shebab says will send fighters to Yemen

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    Somalia’s Shebab says will send fighters to Yemen

    1 January 2010

    Somalia’s hardline Shebab insurgents on Friday said they will send fighters to Yemen, where government forces are battling Al-QDh a suspects, to help fight “the enemy of Allah”.

    “We tell our Muslim brothers in Yemen that we will cross the water between us and reach your place to assist you fight the enemy of Allah,” said Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour, a top official of the Al-QDh a-inspired militants.

    “Today you see what is happening in Yemen, the enemy of Allah is destroying your Muslim brothers,” he said in northern Mogadishu where he displayed hundreds of newly-trained young fighters.

    “I call upon the young men in Arab lands to join the fight there.”

    Yemeni forces last month launched raids on suspected Al-QDh a targets in the centre of the country and the Sanaa region, killing more than 60 Islamist militants. Several rebels were also wounded in clashes this week.

    The Shebab control a large swathe of south and central Somalia and have wrested control of much of the capital Mogadishu where they have relentlessly attacked government and African Union forces

    Somalia’s Shebab says will send fighters to Yemen

    I don't think al-Shabaab really has fighters to spare. They've been quite succesfull in Somalia but they're still far from secure. Since October the Somali Insurgenst have been in a battle with each other!!!
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    ^^^^This ***** Shabab has now signed his death warrant by attracting US/NATO attention.

    SOMALIA: Al Shabab seize key-central town

    ABUDWAQ (Somalilandpress) — Somalia’s Al-Shabab militants have seized a key-town from pro-government Ahlu Sunna Walajam’a fighters on Saturday, witnesses said.

    Al-Shabab overpowered the predominantly Sufi group in the town of Dusa-Mareb in the strategic central region of Galgadud.

    Witnesses said Al Shabab entered the town from two routes early in the morning and faced little resistance from Ahlu Sunna militants.

    The fighting comes a day after Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a Islamist formed their own 41 member parliament in the town of Abudwaq. It is not clear yet if the government approves of their “parliament” but delegates from abroad and in the country attended the conference.

    Most of their prominent leaders were in Abudwaq including the newly elected “speaker of parliament” Sheikh Abdulkadir Aden during the fall of the town.

    Its not immediately clear the extent of the damages caused by the fighting between the two Islamist rebels but witnesses said a large number of people have fled their homes in fear of violence.

    Alhu Sunna are currently in the towns of Guri-ael, Abudwaq, Balanbal and Harelle preparing to retake Dusa-Mareb.

    Somalia has not had an effective government since 1991 and currently more than six waring factions exist in the country.

    Along with Puntland and Galmudug state, Somalis are expecting other factions to declare their semi-autonomous states including the proposed “state of Southwestern Somalia”. While Al-Shabab wants a strict version of Sharia law imposed around the country.

    Source: Somalilandpress, 2 January 2010
    SOMALIA: Al Shabab seize key-central town | SomalilandPress
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    Somali militia executes Shabaab rebel commander :coffee_spray:
    10 Jan 2010 14:47:40 GMT
    Source: Reuters

    By Abdi Sheikh

    MOGADISHU, Jan 10 (Reuters) - A pro-government militia in Somalia executed a commander from the al Shabaab rebel group in public on Sunday, ramping up the stakes in battles for central regions of the failed Horn of Africa state.

    The Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca militia, which is aligned with Somalia's weak Western-backed government, has been fighting al Shabaab insurgents in central Galagadud region. The United States says al Shabaab is al Qaeda's proxy in the country.

    Ahlu Sunna's spokesman said it had captured many rebels during clashes last week around Galgadud's capital Dusamareb, including the commander who was sentenced to die by firing squad after he refused to renounce al Shabaab's hardline ideology.

    "We don't normally kill al Shabaab members. We arrest them and make them understand that Islam means peace. We have detained and then released many of them," the spokesman, Sheikh Abdullahi Sheikh Abu Yusuf, told Reuters by telephone.

    "This commander insisted that all people were infidels except his group ... We will
    execute al Shabaab members who insist that it can be right to kill the innocent. What else are we supposed to do to those who believe they will go to paradise for killing us and the whole human race?"

    Al Shabaab and another rebel group, Hizbul Islam, want to impose a harsh version of sharia law across the nation, and have previously carried out executions, stonings and amputations in southern and central regions under their control.

    Sunday's was the first known execution by Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca. It came as residents said Somali government troops and Ahlu Sunna fighters also battled Hizbul Islam insurgents for hours for control of another strategic central town, Baladwayne.

    The rebels want to extend their area of control from the south towards the pro-government northeast region of Puntland. The U.N.-backed administration of President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed controls just a few blocks of the coastal capital Mogadishu.

    Fighting has killed 19,000 Somalis and driven 1.5 million from their homes since the start of 2007, and Western security agencies say the country has become a safe haven for militants, including foreign jihadists, who use it to plot attacks. (Additional reporting by Abdi Guled; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Jon Boyle)
    Reuters AlertNet - Somali militia executes Shabaab rebel commander

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