Six men of Pak-descent charged with planning terrorism in UK

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    Six men of Pak-descent charged with planning terrorism in UK

    Published: Today

    SIX men were last night charged over an alleged plot to launch suicide bomb attacks in Britain.

    Three of them are accused of "stating an intention to be a suicide bomber" and planning to construct a homemade explosive device.

    Two have been charged with making a martyrdom film and travelling to terror camps in Pakistan — including training on bomb-making, weapons and poison-making.

    The six were held in a major police operation last week.

    Counter-terrorism lawyers at the Crown Prosecution Service approved the release of details about the charges faced by the men — all from Birmingham.

    Moving in ... officers at one raided home

    There was no reference to the alleged terrorists' targets. Irfan Nasser, 30, Irfan Khalid, 26, Ashik Ali, 26, and Rahin Ahmed, 25, are charged with engaging in the preparation of terrorist acts.

    Bahader Ali, 28, and Mohammed Rizwan, 32, are charged with failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism. Bahader Ali is also accused of terrorist fundraising.

    All six will appear at West London Magistrates Court today.

    The operation that led to their arrests last week involved co-operation between MI5 and West Midlands Counter Terrorist Unit.

    Nasser, of Sparkhill, and Khalid, from the Sparkbrook area, are also accused of travelling to Pakistan for terror training and making a martyrdom video.

    The pair and Ashik Ali, of Balsall Heath, are alleged to have stated their intention to be a suicide bomber. Nasser, Khalid and Ali will face charges of planning a bombing campaign, planning a suicide bombing campaign or event and collecting money for terrorism.

    Nasser and Khalid are also accused of advising and counselling the commission of terrorist acts by providing information about training in Pakistan and advising and counselling on explosives and detonators.
    They are also suspected of being concerned in the purchase of components and chemicals for a homemade explosive device and the construction of a homemade explosive device for terrorist acts.
    Ashik Ali is further charged with providing premises for the planning of terrorism acts and making of explosives, learning about explosives and detonators and being concerned in the purchase of components and chemicals for a homemade explosive device.

    [​IMG]Checks ... home of accused Bahader Ali

    Ahmed is also accused of assisting others to travel to Pakistan for training in terrorism including bomb-making along with collecting money for terrorism.

    Ashik's brother Bahader Ali is accused of failing to disclose information and knowing that cash might be used for terror purposes.

    Rizwan is also charged with failing to disclose information.

    A seventh man from Birmingham, aged 20, continues to be questioned by terror cops who have until
    Thursday to charge or release him, or apply for extra time to question him.

    Suicide bombers murdered 52 people in attacks on London's underground and bus network on July 7, 2005.

    A second suicide bombing conspiracy threatened to destroy 19 passenger jets flying from London's Heathrow Airport to the Us and Canada.

    Six charged over suicide bomb plot | The Sun |News
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    Six men of Pak-descent charged with planning terrorism in UK ...... :bored: :bored: :bored:
    20 years later
    Six UK (Umma Kaliphate) men of Pak ancestry charged with planning terrorism in ..........

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