SHOW OF POWER....attack terror infrastructure in pok and pak

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by FiDaYeEnMeNtAlItY, May 10, 2009.

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    May 10, 2009
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    I think India should target terrorist training camps in pakistan .we should use special force commandoes,fighter jets and some attack helicopters and completely destroy the terrorist training infrastructure.....
    it will have 3 advantages,
    1.our enemy will be 6 feet deep. will not see india as a soft state,that gets attacked daily and do,s nothing...
    3.pakistan will see indias military might....

    only fear that india has from pakistan is nukes....pakistan can never use them...many reasons for that...they just try to scare us by leaking some phony reports about nuclear missile pointing towards lets attack lashkar training camps in pak or wait for Lashkar fidayeens to wreak havoc on innocent civillians like 26/11 and many more....

    well thats my view,,,,have yours.........

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