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Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, May 3, 2011.

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    This is a balaji film , so it was expected that Tushar Kapoor , brother of its owner Ekta Kapoor would get maximum mileage .

    But even changing his name to Tusshar Kapoor has not helped produce a good film

    Its about the stories of an RI ( returned indian ) , a bunch of three crooks including Tushar , and an aspiring cricketeer whose stories run on separate tracks in mumbai , but are destined to intersect at some whats new --aren't all films nowadays having the same formula ??

    So returned indian , who has a bad past which is never explained , tries to open a business in India , but gets into trouble with local crooks who want him to pay ' security money ' ,so that he can do business peacefully . But he does manage to land himself a dishy babe......

    ........Tushar and his bunch are forever bungling their capers , though the last bungle brings them almost to the end.....

    Aspiring cricketeer is simply not good enough to get inti IPL , and has no money to bribe his way in--which makes him unworthy for the girl he's he tries to get his money by crime......

    In the midst of all this Tushar Kapoor starts to read Paulo Coelho's book THE ALCHEMIST using his tootee-footee angrezi , and realises that the future of everybody's life in the film is also going to be like the book has predicted !!

    So whats in the future for these people ??

    I haven't read THE ALCHEMIST , so dont ask me......
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    :thumb: Man I love your reviews. They are just too good.

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