S senate ties strings to Pakistan military aid

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    US senate ties strings to Pakistan military aid

    WASHINGTON: The US Senate voted to tie strings to military aid to Pakistan and stem the spread of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles from Libya as they advanced a massive annual defense spending bill.

    The White House has threatened to veto the $662 billion measure over tough new rules requiring military detention of terrorism suspects and affirming that US citizens who join extremist groups may be detained forever without trial.

    The Pentagon-funding bill was due to clear the Senate by week's end, touching off negotiations with the House of Representatives to resolve differences between both chambers' versions and send a compromise to President Barack Obama.

    The Defense Authorization legislation was seen as a sure bet for passage because it affects US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and lawmakers hoped to make it the vehicle for tough new economic sanctions Economic sanctions are economic penalties applied by one country (or group of countries) on another for a variety of reasons. Economic sanctions include, but are not limited to, tariffs, trade barriers, import duties, and import or export quotas.

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