Russia's Pacific Fleet ready to receive Borey class submarines

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    A Pacific Fleet's naval base in Vilyuchinsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula is fully prepared to host Russia's new Borey class strategic nuclear-powered submarines, a Russian military analyst said on Tuesday.

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    Russia's Borey class nuclear sub to enter service in 2011 .

    Posted On: Sep 06, 2011
    MOSCOW (BNS): Russia will put its first Borey class nuclear submarine into service with the Pacific Fleet in 2011, RIA Novosti quoted Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as saying on Monday.

    "The submarine should be delivered to the Pacific Fleet this year," Putin said.

    The Yury Dolgoruky has recently completed sea trials in the West Sea. The submarine is expected to be commissioned by the Russian Navy, according to the news report.

    Recently, Russia successfully test launched its Bulava inter-continental ballistic missile to its maximum range of 8,000 km. The missile was fired successfully by the White sea-based Russian nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgoruky.

    Yury Dolgoruky is the first of the 4th generation strategic nuclear powered submarines (SSBN) of the Borey class. The submarine is 170 meter long and has a crew of 107.

    Russia is planning to build at least eight submarines of the Borey class by 2015.

    Russia's Borey class nuclear sub to enter service in 2011 -

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