Russia-NORAD cooperation

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    NORAD, Russia to conduct first-ever joint air defense drills

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the Russian Air Force will hold their first-ever joint air defense exercise on August 8-11, NORAD said.

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    MOSCOW: Russian Air Force today completed its first-ever joint drill with Cold War era rival - North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) - aimed at combating terrorism.

    The exercise under the codename Vigilant Eagle, was carried out between August 6-11 under a cooperative military agreement between Russia and the US, which tasks NORAD, the bi-national US and Canadian command, and the Russian Air Force to conduct a live-flying exercise for up to five days, RIA Novosti reported.

    It involved Russian, Canadian and US Air Force personnel operating from command centres at the Elmendorf airbase in Alaska and Khabarovsk in Russia.

    The US AWACS E-3B and Russian A-50 airborne warning and control aircraft, Russian MiG-31 and Su-27 fighters and US F-22 interceptors assisted by along with refuelling aircraft from both countries took part in the joint drill.

    The scenario of the drill, put together by NORAD and the US Northern Command, created a situation requiring both the Russian Air Force and NORAD to launch or divert fighter aircraft to investigate and shadow a US flagged Gulfstream 4 business jet on an international flight hijacked by terrorists.

    "The personnel exhibited a high degree of professionalism in coordinating air missions and exchanging information," a senior Russian Air Force official was quoted as saying by the agency.

    "These drills allow us to make a step forward in the Russian-NORAD cooperation on countering potential threats of aircraft hijacking," the official said.

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    Is it a change of world order? Russia doing military exercise with USA . Looks like old rivalry is really old.
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    NORAD praises results of joint air defense drills with Russia

    Officers of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) say they are satisfied with the results of joint anti-terrorism drills with the Russian Air Force and hope for further cooperation.

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    Russian Troops Welcomed Into NORAD, America’s Cold War HQ

    Russian Troops Welcomed Into NORAD, America's Cold War HQ | Danger Room |

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