'Rogue' nuke scientist AQ Khan wants to join Imran Khan's party

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    Islamabad, Apr 18(ANI): The father of Pakistan's nuclear programme, Abdul Qadir Khan is keen to pursue a career in politics, and Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) is his favored destination.
    Imran Khan, in a meeting earlier this week, had asked the scientist to join the PTI as patron.
    "I would love to join PTI - but on one condition. To pursue real politics to change Pakistan's fate," The Express Tribune quoted Khan, as saying.
    "People of Pakistan want change. They want to get rid of traditional politicians as they always let them down by [practicing] corrupt politics," he added.
    A formal announcement is yet to be made. Khan, who also writes columns, has said he will promote the party and its cause in his articles.
    Despite a possible ideological boost, much like a number of the party's signings have indeed delivered, the electoral value remains untested.
    The PTI seems upbeat over AQ Khan's statement to join them.
    "PTI's doors are always open for AQ Khan," said PTI's Senior Vice President Dr Shireen Mazari. (ANI)
    'Rogue' nuke scientist AQ Khan wants to join Imran Khan's party - Yahoo! News India
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    Well everybody makes hay when sun sines

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