Remembering the Israeli Air Force war with Syria

Discussion in 'Defence & Strategic Issues' started by Sailor, May 21, 2009.

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    Here is an interesting photo of Israeli Air Force aircraft depicting the 35th anniversary of the 1st F-15 flight and the 1st shoot down of virtually the entire Syrian Air Force by IAF F-15s.

    Note the Syrian roundels painted on the noses of the F-15s.


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    Israel fought perfectly in this conflict from tactics to using their equipment to the fullest. Syrian leadership failed on so many levels to allow the air force to take such losses. To think they could go toe to toe with Israel's Air Force to begin with is insane. 70s tech (mainly Mig-23's) at best vs modern state of the art F-15s at the time, backed by AWACS.

    After losing the first 20 or so fighters lets send another 59 just to make sure. I think 79 Syrian fighters were lost and one Israeli aircraft was damage by anti-aircraft fire.

    The Syrians were Russian trained from top to bottom so it wasn't just export aircraft and/or missiles,standard normal Russian pilots wouldn't have done much better. You can only fight as good as your training Russia doesn't provide good training, their own forces don't get it. How could there trainers working in client country's provide it when they themselves don't get it?

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