Raytheon to Upgrade U.S. Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard F-16 Displays

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    Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has won a contract to upgrade the Center Display Unit (CDU) of U.S. Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard F-16 aircraft. The initial contract value is $3.1 million for system integration and pre-production units. The contract includes options for production of up to 120 systems per year for five years.

    The Raytheon CDU will replace multiple analog flight instrument displays currently used in the F-16 cockpit with a single large-LCD color display. Advanced technology will provide pilots with new capabilities, including the ability to overlay data from both onboard and remote sensors on a digital moving map, video processing, and two-way data-link situational awareness messaging.

    Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC (RTSC) will perform engineering and low rate initial production on the system at its site in Indianapolis under the initial contract. The contract includes five optional years of full rate production.

    "The CDU will be a significant advance in providing information F-16 pilots need to conduct their missions," said RTSC Customized Engineering and Depot Support Vice President Wayne Iurillo. "Giving them the data they need, when they need it, will help ensure their effectiveness in the battle zone, their ability to protect and support ground forces, and their safety while performing their duties. And that's the ultimate goal."

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    If you start posting a thread for every little US contract, this forum will be swamped with junk.

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