Pro-Russia party wins most votes in Latvia election

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    Pro-Russia party wins most votes in Latvia election

    Andris Berzins was elected president by Latvia's parliament in June

    17 September 2011
    BBC News

    A pro-Russia party has won the most votes in Latvia's snap general election but has fallen short of an absolute majority, according to partial results.

    Officials said the Harmony Centre won 31% of the vote, the strongest showing for a ethnic Russian party since the former Soviet state's independence.

    The new Zatlers Reform Party won 19% while the Unity bloc of Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis took 17%.

    They are likely to form a coalition to keep Harmony Centre out of government.

    Analysts say the parties are wary of its ties with Russian leaders.

    The vote was triggered by a corruption crisis involving powerful business people that has flared as Latvia struggles to recover from near economic collapse.

    The Zatlers Reform Party is headed by ex-President Valdis Zatlers, an anti-corruption campaigner.

    He lost the presidency to Andris Berzins in a parliamentary vote in June.

    Source: BBC News - Pro-Russia party wins most votes in Latvia election

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