Pakistani politicians don't want Americans to go away: Munter

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    WASHINGTON: US Ambassador Cameron Munter has said that Pakistani politicians don't want Americans to go away from their country.

    During his lecture at Harvard Kennedy School, Munter said that the relationship between CIA and ISI were still intact.

    "The CIA-ISI relationship is still cooperative," Munter said. "The Pakistani government realizes that we have a lot in common on counter-terrorism and we still have a decent relationship with the intelligence."

    But this may change when DG ISI Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha, announces his retirement, Munter added.

    US ambassador said when military aid was limited because of the incident he told Kayani when trainers would leave Pakistan, equipment would also go with them.

    Deep down, he said, Pakistani politicians do not want Americans to go away.


    Pakistani politicians dont want Americans to go away: Munter

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