Pakistan to buy MAR-1 SEAD Anti Radiation Missiles

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by SSG VIPER, Jan 21, 2010.

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    Pakistan is acquiring MAR-1 SEAD Anti Radiation air to surface missiles from Brazil based company Mectron. The deal is worth approximately $108 million and was signed in April, 2008. The detail information about these missiles can be found below from an article on Defence Industry Daily (DID) website

    “Anti-radiation missiles” are designed to find, home in on, and destroy enemy air defense radars; they are often carried by specialist aircraft that accompany air strikes to perform the SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) mission. In contrast with other Mectron Engenharia missiles, such as the MAA-1 SRAAM or the forthcoming A-Darter partnership, Mectron appears to be working hard to avoid publicity for the MAR-1. The firm would not even acknowledge the missile’s existence for many years, and details remain sketchy. Pictures like this one show a MAR-1 that appears to be similar in size to counterparts like Raytheon’s AGM-88 HARM, and has a reported range of 25 km when launched from an altitude of about 33,000 feet/ 10 km. A sale to Pakistan, followed by integration into a platform like the Pakistani-Chinese JF-17 lightweight fighter, could also open up a number of new markets for Mectron

    These missiles will increase the ability of Pakistan Air Force to hit the Air Defence Sites of our enemies. These missiles are generally carried by special planes attached with a formation to clear enemy air defence radars and hence technically blinding them. Pakistan arch rival India has used every method to stall the sale of these missiles to Pakistan and even used the Mumbai attacks to ask Brazil to cancel the deal but Brazil has plainly refused them. Brazilian Defence Minister said the following when forced to answer a query about the missile deal in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks:
    “Brazil negotiates with Pakistan, not with Pakistani terrorists… To cancel this deal would be to attribute terrorist activities to the Pakistani government.”

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    A range of only 25km means pakistan will have to be deep inside Indian territory for the missile to be effective. Can they get that deep inside? can they leave once inside after firing the missile?? highly doubful.
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    I am closing this thread as this is an old news, if there is a latest update please PM with a link and I shall re-open the thread.
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