Pakistan is not our ally

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    Pakistan is not our ally

    By Steven M. Fleece

    Does anybody know where I can buy Pakistani flags wholesale?

    I’m looking to stock up so I can burn one every time this so called “ally” lies to us, betrays us, helps the Taliban, closes down the supply lines to our troops in Afghanistan, executes it own citizens for converting to Christianity, murders its own few sane and brave politicians, kills anyone who criticizes Islam, burns Christian churches, officially approves the gang-rape of innocent young women as a matter of “honor,” beheads American journalists, develops nuclear weapons and sells the technology to other terrorist countries, promotes terrorist attacks on its peaceful democratic neighbor India and fails to govern large sections of its own territory leaving it a rat’s nest of murderous primitive fanatics.

    I’ll need other Pakistani flags to burn whenever our “ally” undermines American intelligence efforts putting our agents’ lives at risk, condones a system of “religious” schools that teach nothing but hatred of America, The West, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, fails to tax virtually any of its so-called elite preferring to remain a backward perpetual beggar-nation, fails to combat rampant corruption so that most foreign aid is stolen, fails to show gratitude anytime ever for the massive aid given by donor nations and treats the burning of American flags and chanting of death to America as part of the national morning wake-up ritual.

    Oh, and then there was that other thing. Our “ally” in the war against terror harbored the worst terrorist on earth for years in a conspicuous compound a few blocks down the street from the Pakistani military academy.

    I refuse to refer to that place as some commentators have as “the Pakistani equivalent of West Point.” I’ve visited West Point. My cousin is a West Point graduate. Pakistan has no equivalent of West Point. Pakistan has no equivalent of Culver Military Academy. What Pakistan must have is the equivalent of the R.O.T.C. program at Faber College (Animal House) or something like Bill Murray’s boot camp experience in Stripes.

    I get it that responsible American government officials are restrained from telling it like it is when it comes to this “ally” because the logistics of fighting the war in Afghanistan would be even more of a nightmare without the ability to send supplies through Pakistan. We need Pakistan in 2011 like Germany needed Belgium in 1914. But, as Pakistani betrayals and insults mount, the German way of addressing such needs merits study.

    While our leaders may have to hold their noses and deal with the Pakistani government, the American people can still exercise their freedom to call a skunk a skunk. Pakistan needs to understand just how much hostility its two-faced policies have engendered in the hearts of the American people.

    I’d like to see our congressman help make this point with the Pakistani’s by first, supporting measures to cut foreign aid, both military and humanitarian. They are as likely to use the weapons against us as against the Taliban. The little humanitarian aid that makes it through the gauntlet of corrupt officials has apparently bought us no good will. They have bitten the hand that feeds them often enough to make the hand wary of further offerings.

    Second, we should fully support India, a true democracy, in its long simmering conflict with Pakistan. We should supply to India, at a fair price, the most advanced military hardware that we would entrust to any reliable ally, such as Britain. We should sell to Pakistan only such weapons as we would want to see in the hands of our worst enemies. Cruise missiles for India, defective flintlocks for Pakistan.

    Third, we should tighten emigration and visa policies for Pakistanis seeking to enter this country. America has been enriched by many good and talented Pakistani emigrants who have become loyal citizens of this Republic. I respect them for the courage it took to emigrate and the conscious choice to become Americans.

    Likewise, many Pakistani students who come here to study in good faith may someday return to help redeem their homeland from its ills. But we would be foolish to ignore the rampant state-condoned anti-Americanism that motivates the Pakistani wild men we see burning American flags and worse every day in our media. Our state department and homeland security must be increasingly vigilant in processing would-be entrants to our country from Osama bin Laden’s adopted, complacent and complicit homeland.

    If Pakistan’s leaders persist in the appeasement of Islamic militants and covert support of jihad, the day may come when the world applauds as India re-establishes its historic dominion over the entire subcontinent, putting this failed state out of its misery. Even if India were unwilling to take on such a burdensome occupation, there is another more ancient way of dealing with an enemy or treacherous ally, the Roman way, which was, “to make a desert and call it peace.” Pakistan is already more than halfway there. If recent provocations continue, few Americans would weep to see all of Pakistan sink beneath the sands.

    — Steven M. Fleece is a Charlestown resident

    Article : NewsandTribune
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    atleast now slowly understanding the truth,,,,,,,
    may be in Future, Its all India every where...........
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    I hope even Pentagon oldies think this way!! Many CIA and Pentagon officials from cold-war era are hand in gloves with isi, they consider isi (pakistan army) their illegitimate child, hence they support them to the core and isi (pa) takes advantage of this, and I need not mention dumb noob called Obama who sits in the oval office (by fluke).
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    the theme that pak is no longer a US ally as been gathering some momentum lately ....look at this youtube video and substitute
    v=KNGm7nbexZ8 in the appropriate place of the url

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