Pakistan Cult versus parliament

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    Cult is a natural choice in Pakistan, since they have an unfailing dream that only a messiah can save Pakistan since everything else has failed miserably.

    First, the Pakistani embraced the cult of Taliban as a possible saviour that will lead them out of their abject disillusionment and when the Taliban wreaked havoc, mayhem and killed the very Pakistanis who thought their were a manna from Allah, they switched boats midstream to embrace some more false messiahs in the form of that fundamentalist duo of Imran and Mullah Qadri.

    Islam continued to hover supreme since that was their belief instilled in them thorough childhood.

    The State helplessly watched the drift and soon realised that if you cannot beat them, then join them, giving grist to all fundamentalist elements that are strewn around the Pakistan's horizon, in truly pursuit of political Islam - Power hunt!

    The failed Pakistan state that cannot provide economic salvation, inspite of massive largess pouring in from the US, China and the Middle East, importantly Saudi Arabia as most of it were stolen by the powers that be, encouraged the militants since the unemployed found solace and jobs in these rabid organisation and the State helplessly joined hands and sold the Pakistanis to greater misery. The State had no option since the unemployed were employed by these fundamentalist and hydrophobic morass, taking much of the burden off the State's hand, as also the swelling ranks in these organisation were where the votes and power lay that could bring the politicians to office to loot merrily.

    The much maligned Pakistan Army and the ISI chipped into the treasure trove of fundamentalism and to change the international opinion, used these malcontent from the rabid fundamentalist organisations as their hidden front for their nefarious activities.

    The two new self proclaimed false Prophets for Pakistan's salvation, Imran and Mullah Qadri, have been able to befool a handful of Pakistanis to lay seize to the nascent democracy of Pakistan and have rubbished the democratic process; it is a different issue if it is a democracy or not, when the Army calls the tune behind the burkha of democracy and it is also no brainer that illiterates can be mesmerised with inane slogans, and more so in Pakistan, where it is the lifeblood to lace anything and everything with a touch of Islam, which these two scoundrels are exploiting to the hilt.

    Given Pakistan's history and its unassailable faith in Allah knowing best, little understanding that political Islam is not the Islam propagated by the Prophet or Allah, there is little hope for Pakistan and the world can whistle for the favourable wind to blow ad infintum, but Pakistan's downslide cannot be halted in the foreseeable future as it appears.

    It is business as usual - total chaos. All are working at cross purposes, even the political parties that showed some solidarity in their Parliament. the Army that is waiting for the opportune moment to strike, and the TTP merrily at their game, the latest being the attempted attack on the Pak naval base once again.

    Quo Vadis, Pakistan?
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