Pakistan coach regrets use of hockey stadium for weddings

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    Pakistan hockey coach Hanif Khan has regretted that sports grounds in Karachi were being used for purposes other than what they were meant for.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

    He rued the fact that the hockey stadium at Khadda Market that has an astroturf was being used as a wedding lawn.

    The former Olympian said the DHA authorities should ensure that the stadium was used for allowing youngsters to hone their hockey skills.

    “Otherwise, it will be a great loss to young players, who are very keen to play on a synthetic turf,” he told The News.

    Khan said synthetic turfs were essential for the revival of hockey in the country. “We should provide maximum facilities to our youngsters so that we may regain our past glory in the game.”

    Asif Ahmed, also a former hockey player and renowned forward of his time, said he resided in Clifton and dozens of young players often contacted him to play hockey.

    “There are many parks and gardens in the area, but the stadium at Khadda Market is the only place where hockey can be played. If it is reserved for weddings, it will be a huge loss.”:laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Ahmed said the DHA authorities needed to realise the importance of hockey. “If they reduce the number of hockey fields, how can we survive in this beautiful game that has been our pride?”

    He said that the stadium at Khadda Market can serve a number of hockey players, including those living in Delhi and Punjab colonies.

    Pakistan coach regrets use of hockey stadium for weddings -

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