Pakistan assassinations highlight sway of radical clerics

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    Let us analyse this article vis a vis who is responsible for the 'bad image' of Pakistan.

    Let us also not go into that lame refrain that the Jews control the media and such

    Let us honestly face the facts and if they are wrong or twisted, demolish them with better facts than mere anger of gut feelings.

    Did Yousaf Qureshi offered $6,000 to anyone who killed a Pakistani Christian woman convicted of blasphemy? Did the cleric tell worshipers packed in his 17th-century mosque here that extremists had done a “marvelous job” days before, by assassinating a cabinet minister who had defended the woman?

    If these are true, then does it not indicate a lack of human sensibilities? How would Pakistani Muslims react if let us say there were blasphemy laws in the UK, where some Muslims are jailed for blasphemy and some Padre offers money to kill that Muslim or claim that the assassination of a Minister who defends the women as a marvellous job? Think that over. We must be fair since we are human beings and God created us all even though we follow different paths to God, who no one has seen to state that God belongs to just one religion!!!!

    Did Quershi, who is a caretaker of a historic building, is on the provincial government payroll, say “I can announce that we are coming to the street with 4,000 armed students,” and then challenge “What can the government do?” ?

    What does it indicate? It indicates that there is a total breakdown of law and order and the Govt is moribund and impotently watches as fundamentalists take over to destabilise Pakistan.

    The killing of the Governor Salman Tasseer by his bodyguard shows that the govt is infiltrated by the brainwashed who have no regard for human lives. Is that a laudable quality for a human being? How would Pakistan take it if Baroness Sayeed Warsi, the Minister without Portfolio in the UK Govt is killed (God forbid) by a hothead British bodyguard just because she is a Muslim, defending Muslim rights in Britain, which she does? Think that over! No sir, civilised people do not kill on such flimsy grounds, only animals since they do not have the power of analysis. Brain and intelligence deficit!

    How would the world what the Interior Minister Rehman Malik — said publicly that he would kill a blasphemer himself? A responsible man, responsible for the well being of all Pakistani and their security, irrespective of their religion and belief, acting like an irresponsible person? Many would feel that he is a lunatic. Does anyone think that he deserves to be the Interior Minister who is charged to ensure the security of ALL Pakistanis? How do you expect the world to react when such irresponsible and lunacy laced statements are made by the Interior Minister? Now, obviously what he said was not a figment of the media's imagination, owned by the Jews or otherwise, unless one considers Malik to be a Mossad agent!!

    Read the article, it is damning to the image of Pakistan.

    If it has fallacious news, then do point it out so that the other side of issue can be understood.

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