Pak, India can't afford war: Gilani

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    India and Pakistan cannot afford war, Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said, stressing that dialogue is the only way to resolve outstanding issues between the two neighbours.

    Responding to a question on India-Pakistan relationship during his maiden appearance in a live television show, the prime minister said dialogue is the only way forward because both the countries cannot afford war.

    The prime minister was taking calls on a range of issues from people during the show which was jointly hosted by PTV and Dunya TV Saturday night, the APP reported.

    Gilani acknowledged India's commitment that the bilateral talks cannot be made hostage to the Mumbai attack. However, he accused India of not being ready to make "any compromise with Pakistan".

    "Although Manmohan Singh agreed in several meetings with me that bilateral talks should not be made hostage to the (Mumbai attacks) tragedy, the Indian rulers seem to be under political pressure at home not to make any compromise with Pakistan," the Dawn quoted Gilani as having said during the show.

    The 50-minute programme covered a range of topics related to domestic and international issues.

    The prime minister said his government will launch a "jehad" against corruption in the country in the New Year (2011) by adopting strong legislative measures.

    "It is our resolve for the new year, that we will launch jehad against corruption. I have talked to Mian Sahib (opposition PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif) so that we can adopt the accountability bill with consensus. And it is done in a way that nobody can raise a finger on it,"
    Gilani said.
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    I can't tell you how many times we hear this guy keep whining about Kashmir in his US visits and the amount of times the US administration ignores him. The first jihad he needs to do is on that blasphemy laws, which are becoming a source of international ridicule.
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    sorry mr. prime minister in current situation pak can't afford war but no doubt we can afford at least 3 month war. however it's not indian history to strike first but every one know it's your history and we know that you are not in position to attack on us.
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    Sorry Mr. PM Pakistan can't afford even tissue paper. As per India can but don't want is other issue. If your country focus on economic rather then how to harm India ( You people never can defeat us ). Then may be you people can afford to run yourself with dignity.
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    Thats very obvious.

    What we want to hear from you is "pakistan cannot afford terrorism".

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