One killed as PTI, PML-N supporters clash

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    FAISALABAD: Violent clashes erupted between supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in Faisalabad on Monday, ahead of Imran Khan's call for a 'shutdown' of the city.

    Khan is also scheduled to arrive in Faisalabad today in the afternoon. Khan has promised that the strike in Faisalabad is the first of a series to target major cities in the country after leading a months long demonstration in Islamabad, that shut down the city and sparked clashes.

    His party has demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's resignation over their accusation of fraud in the May 2013 election that brought him to power.

    He says the party's Plan C is to build pressure on the government because they wanted accountability, adding that all parties unanimously agreed that rigging had taken place during the May 2013 election.

    3:15 pm — PTI chief incited his workers to create disorder: Rashid

    Speaking at a press conference, Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid accuses Imran Khan of inciting violence in Faisalabad.

    "An innocent man lost his life in Faisalabad today, we are with the family in their worst hours. The government believes it is its responsibility to arrest the murderer regardless of which political party he belongs to. Police has acquired footage of the killer and three teams of police are making efforts to arrest him. The police is investigating the incident, I have no further details from them at the moment."

    In a statement issued earlier, the information minister had also said that nefarious designs of Imran Khan have been exposed now.

    In a statement, he says that Imran Khan is staying at his Bani Gala villa (Islamabad) and has allowed workers to create disturbance in Faisalabad.

    He says PTI always violates agreement in staging its protest.

    The minister says police has been kept unarmed.

    One killed as PTI, PML-N supporters clash in Faisalabad - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

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