Northeast insurgents getting arms from China: Govt

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    NEW DELHI: China may not be behind the unrest in the northeast, but insurgent groups in the region are getting arms and ammunition that country, the government has said.

    Minister of state for home affairs M Ramachandran replied with a "no" when asked whether the government has received information regarding assistance provided by China to separatist groups involved in large-scale violence that took place in the northeastern states in recent years.

    "However, there are reports that the insurgent groups operating in the north eastern states of India have been augmenting their armoury by acquiring arms from China and Sino-Myanmar border towns and routing them through Myanmar. There are no confirmed reports to suggest that the insurgent groups are receiving funds from China," he said in a written reply in Lok Sabha.

    "The government of India has taken up the matter with the Chinese side through diplomatic channels. The Chinese government has conveyed that it would never support armed groups that are against the government of India.

    "The Chinese foreign ministry has stated that the Chinese government always adhered to the principle of non-interference in other countries internal affairs and they do not support any anti-government forces in India," Ramachandran said.

    "India and China have an annual counter-terrorism dialogue under which the two sides discuss all such issues. Government keeps a constant watch on all developments having a bearing on India's security and takes all necessary measures to safeguard it," he said.

    Meanwhile, government informed Lok Sabha that 13 cases of surrendered terrorists returning to militant outfits for indulging in anti-national activities have been reported in the last three years.

    "Three such cases were reported in 2010, seven in 2011 and three in 2012," minister of state for home R P N Singh told the Lok Sabha in a written reply. "No such case has been reported during the current year," he said.

    In order to bring misled youths into the mainstream of society, the government had been encouraging terrorist outfits to shun violence and initiate dialogue within ambit of the Constitution, the minister said.

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