No Pak in India-Russia statement

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    2,391 Pak in India-Russia statement

    PranabDhal Samanta Posted: Sat Dec 17 2011 Moscow :

    In a surprise omission, India and Russia have quietly dropped the standard line demanding Pakistan bring the perpetrators of 26/11 to justice from their joint statement. In fact, there is no mention of Pakistan in the segment dealing with terrorism.

    Until last year, India left no stone unturned to ensure joint statements with every major power carried this particular formulation: "They called upon Pakistan to expeditiously bring all the perpetrators, authors and accomplices of the November 2008 Mumbai attacks to justice.”

    This was made part of joint documents with almost every important country including the US, UK, and the EU. In fact, Russia was among the first countries with which this formulation was first enumerated after the Mumbai terror attacks but it now happens to be first country to do away with this assertion.

    The segment on terrorism in the joint statement, which was agreed on Friday between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, reflects language in relevant UN resolutions and was used even last time. It asserts that "states which aid, abet or shelter terrorists were as guilty of acts of terrorism as their actual perpetrators".

    While it is not clear what provoked the omission of this line, sources indicated that there was a view expressed during negotiations that it was not necessary repeat all the lines each time. But for India, it meant an abrupt end to what was a key component of the post 26/11 diplomatic effort to bring pressure on Pakistan

    It may be noted that Pakistan and Russia have been moving closer over past two years. And this year, the two countries have exchanged the maximum number of high-level than ever before in their history.

    Even on Afghanistan, both India and Russia stuck to standard formulations agreed in multilateral meets with Moscow ensuring that centrality of the United Nations is mentioned.

    Further, the two sides agreed to "urge to intensify efforts" to build up the capacity of Afghanistan National Security Forces but came out with no explicit commitment on jointly contributing to this effort. They, however, reaffirmed the red lines to be followed in the dialogue with the "armed opposition" in Afghanistan.

    Russia, according to reliable sources, still remained hesitant to get pro-actively involved in Af-Pak situation and was currently interested in supporting the withdrawal of NATO forces with committing into a firm role for itself.
    something is cooking inside kremlin
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    Pakistan is not worth mentioning you mention Somalia or Congo in high level meeting:p:p:p:taunt::taunt::taunt:
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    now when russia is investing heavily into pakistan to get hold of there mills and mines and exploit there pity-full economic situation.they understood that pakistani civilian establishment is weak and not capable of running strategically placed steel mills and mines.

    they hope to get good profits out of pakistan and thats why not offending them through joint dialogues. they are one of the handful countries actually wanting to invest in pakistan.

    also russian backtracked from the nuclear agreement saying that no enr technology transfer will take place to India and fuel will be produced jointly by both side on RUSSIAN SOIL- big setback to those who think russia and India have relationship, even PM MMS said that we have partnership ( drifting away from decades old fixture of calling romance between russia and India a relationship)

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