New carrier role in Pacific: fight illegal fishing

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    SAN DIEGO — Before its final leg home from deployment, the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group got a new mission: patrol and secure protected fishing areas in the southern Pacific.

    “Our job was to assist the Coast Guard by increasing maritime domain awareness in support of the maritime law enforcement operations,” said Capt. John Steinberger, commodore and commander of San Diego-based Destroyer Squadron 1 aboard the Vinson.

    The Coast Guard conducted all law enforcement operations, which included vessel boarding, and the Navy provided the intelligence, said Lt. Cmdr. Sylvaine Wong, Carrier Strike Group 1’s judge advocate general.

    Much fishing occurs in exclusive economic zones, or EEZs, belonging to specific countries. Zones extend 200 nautical miles from the coastline and cover all natural resources, such as fishing, exploration, mining and conservation.

    but enforcing such laws across the vast area is difficult because countries have few aircraft and boats that can patrol long and far.


    It also improves national security, Morin said, adding that “it’s not just about the fish. There are some bad players that don’t play by the rules and don’t pay for permits.”


    Control over fishing and other resources has pitted one country against others in some places, most notably the South China Sea, where China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam all lay claims.


    “These are well established economic zones,” Padinske said. Countries, including the U.S., “are essentially trying to protect their livelihood.”

    Vessels that skirt the law “are essentially stealing ... the long-term economic viability of these smaller Oceania region countries,” he said. “I suspect as this mission becomes more widely known, we’ll be able to do some more creative things, like plan our tracks through some areas where intelligence would indicate there’d be more illegal fishing vessels.”

    New carrier role in Pacific: fight illegal fishing - Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Navy Times

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