Nepal's Maoist chief urges war on India

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    Amidst the Indian government's growing concern about the crisis in Nepal and a renewed war on its own Maoist guerrillas, Nepal's Maoist supremo Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has identified India as the arch enemy and urged the party to brace for a war with the southern neighbour, reports said on Wednesday.

    The 55-year-old former prime minister, who blames New Delhi for the fall of his short-lived government last year and his failure to win the subsequent prime ministerial election, has begun predicting military intervention in Nepal by India and has advocated a "people's revolt" at a key meet of the party that will formulate the former guerrillas' future strategy.

    The sixth Maoist plenum, an extravaganza that kicked off on Sunday in Palungtar, a remote village in western Gorkha district where the party had begun its first military training before launching its "People's War" in 1996, has now become the battleground between Prachanda and his two deputies, who have attacked him for financial irregularities and other lapses.

    Prachanda, on Tuesday, returned the fire opened by his deputies, saying the collective leadership of the party was responsible for the errors, and not he alone.

    His counter-attack came after former Maoist finance minister Baburam Bhattarai, who was demoted in 2005 for his ego clashes with Prachanda, accused the party supremo of fostering a personality cult like Stalin and questioned his punishment for advocating laying down arms, a suggestion that was finally followed by the party in 2006 when it signed a peace pact.

    Prachanda's attack on India is believed to be coloured by the suspicion that Bhattarai, a moderate who advocates continuing with peace talks instead of launching a fresh revolt, is being backed by the Indian establishment, an accusation Bhattarai denies.

    Media reports on Wednesday said that Prachanda, who presented his political document at the conclave Tuesday, had said India was supporting feudal forces in Nepal to prevent the Maoists from coming to power and having a decisive voice in the new constitution though they had emerged as the largest party after the elections in 2008.

    "Compradors, feudal forces and Indian expansionism are our arch enemies," a local daily reported him as saying. "Now we have to ready for a national war against India and begin a people's revolt and we need to formulate strategie
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    Oh dear, people get tired of independence very quickly nowadays :(
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    Prachanda is nothing but a stooge of the Chinese and is also kind of a mad dog. He is trying to whip up some emotions of any non existent Indian threat. He is just mad that he is not the PM or President or anything and has failed in all his attempts to be in power. He is like dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka a ghat ka. He left is violent ways which kind of gave him power with the hope of getting power democratically. He overestimated his own popularity and is now left licking his wounds. India has to play the Nepal scene very well otherwise we might lose it to the Chinese and the Pakistanis and it will be a free entry to India. India has to make sure Nepal is with us at all costs.
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    War on india with what, kukaris ? hmm india better be scared of prachanda.
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    This bloke is good for a job as a clown in a circus!
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    indian response should be something like this .

    phele PM yua president to ban ke dikho phir attack akrna?(first try to become pm or president of ur country then wage war against india)
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    Now this is where the serious part is. Of course Nepal will not attack us and neither do majority Nepalis buy Communist nonsense. Prachanda however is pissed off that we did manage to alert Nepali people about the drawbacks of a Maoist government. What concerns me though is that he should not become another Taliban and let his guerillas collaborate with LET and other agencies from Pakistan in revenge. Main reason is that we have open borders with Nepal which means easy entry for Pakistani terrorists. Remember the highjack if Indian Airlines serves a fine warning. Though there are no aerial barriers, but imagine this with our trains that go near Nepal border; LET operatives will easily be allowed in through the Maoist nexus of our own Maoist terrorists.

    There are some solutions left;

    - ban Nepali Maoists from entering India assertively
    - if situation gets worse, engage Nepal's ruling opposition and attempt to fence the border
    - or first start an all-out war against our Maoists for 2-3 months until each one of their kind is beaten to submission psychologically and militarily.

    Maoists whether ours or Nepal's are cheap, lecherous people who have their loyalty only to Communist cause and not to the nation. Hence they will use Pakistani or possibly BNP Bangladeshi help to harass us. Maoists, BNP and of course 2 dozen terror agencies and ISI from Pakistan are 3 imminent threats. Nepal's military has strong ties with India and it is the only stable institution right now in their country so they will not follow Maoist directives. However Maoists are coward guerillas who have no honor, no dedication and no sense of feeling for their countrymen, culture or faith nor for us and hence must be put down.
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    Prachanda's frequent outbursts against India,which have increased in their frequency and intensity even as Maoists fail to extricate themselves from a self constructed impasse,is understandable.When the Indian govt spearheaded a political settlement between political parties and the Nepalese monarchy,the indian delegation which was led by the leftist including the likes of Mr Sitaram Yechury,appretly the Maoists where promised that India will help facilitate Maoists play an important role in govt formation,by convincing the traditional political parties to engage the Maoists.

    Having won come trumps in the elections but failing to get majority by themselves,Maoist hop India will keep its promise to facilitate their path to power in Kathmandu.Unfortunately for the Maoists the left parties have been ousted from the UPA and now the India govt is no longer in the mood to indulge the Maoists.Moaists are only belatedly realized that India's influence is not just propaganda talk that one reads in left wing papers in Kathmandu,but its very real,very powerful and very discomforting for Prachanda and his Maoists.

    India has virtually gone out on its limb to block Pracahnda's attempts to win the support of the Nepali constituent assembly for claim to office of PM.Prachanda is so caught up in his anti India rhetoric ad disconnected from ground realities,that it took China to tell Prachanda that India was the one that held the key to resolving the Nepali political impasse and it was to India that Prachanda must now turn to,and not turn up at Beijing at the drop of a hat.

    That comrade Prachanda is gruff with india these days is a serious understatement.
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    Another day. Another Maoist's head to be chopped off by the R&AW.

    'Military intervention by Nepal in India'. I'm laughing my ass off.

    But this prick does have the potential to be a thorn in our side. So, better eliminate him while the going' s hot.

    Then again, if the Maoists do 'declare war' upon India, it gives us a chance to subsume them within the Constitution.

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