Nationhood in the 21st Century

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    This century, thus far, is defined by many things. Seismic shifts in the way people see themselves, the world, and their place in it, are occurring as we speak. National boundaries are becoming less important as people and knowledge move seamlessly from one destination to another. Every idea, every product, every ideology, is instantly global. Local cultures are disappearing, local languages are disappearing, local worldviews are disappearing, and this is quite apparent in major cities and financial capitals.

    Our lives are increasingly controlled by multinational corporations which have no national loyalties. A person employed by an MNC living in Bangalore, does not depend on the local government for anything much. He or she does not care to vote, or concern him/herself with local issues of governance.

    As governments scramble to attract foreign investment, their ability to act independently is reducing every day. They are dependent on entities which don't care about the considerations of the nation, but simply about their return on investment.

    In such changing times, how will nations adapt? What role will they play in this globalized world? Will they adapt, or will they become dinosaurs - lines on the map which exist only in name, but do not affect anyone's life.

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