MK’s N-bomb alert - Leaked cable speaks of jihadi attempt

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    He bluntly told the Americans something they are constantly trying to brush under the carpet. Mulford reported that Narayanan “pointed to the increase in ‘white recruits’ detected by Indian intelligence in terrorist training camps along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Those recruits will not be used against India or Asian nations,” he grimly warned Feingold and Casey.

    In the cable, Narayanan, who negotiated on terrorism and global security, among other things, with the Americans for five years, provides a rare insight into his frustrations in dealing with Washington beneath the facade that India and the US are “natural allies”.

    He told the two senators that he had pleaded in vain during his visits to Washington for greater information sharing, even of bits and pieces.

    In what appears prophetic in retrospect over the US bungle over Pakistani American terrorist David Coleman Headley, Narayanan said he had urged his interlocutors in Washington that “what might not make sense to you might make sense to me”.

    But he lamented from the experience of a life-long intelligence man that “we keep our cards close to our chest... it is extremely counter-productive”.

    He added that the fault is “equally shared” by intelligence agencies everywhere. He said this lack of “adequate understanding” among intelligence agencies was the greatest weakness in the global war on terror.

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