Migrants are having big families to claim benefits, says Asian baroness

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    Pakistani and Bangladeshi Migrants are having big families to claim benefits, says Asian baroness

    Some Asian families in Britain are having too many children in order to claim extra welfare payments, Britain’s first female Asian peer claimed last night.

    Baroness Flather accused the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities of failing to adopt the values of British society and said they should have their benefits slashed.

    Lady Flather, a former Tory who now sits as a crossbencher, said this abuse of the welfare system has been brushed under the carpet out of political correctness.

    She spoke out in the House of Lords during the second reading of the Welfare Reform Bill.

    Lady Flather, a former barrister who was born in the Pakistani city of Lahore when it was part of India, praised the Indian community in the UK for having taken on ‘the pattern’ of families in their adopted country, by limiting the size of their families.

    But she took aim at the Pakistani community, saying uneducated immigrants are still following the traditions of their homeland by having more children because they end up getting a ‘bigger house’.

    She told peers: ‘The minority communities in this country, particularly the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis, have a very large number of children and the attraction is the large number of benefits that follow the child.

    ‘Nobody likes to accept that, nobody likes to talk about it because it is supposed to be very politically incorrect.’

    Lady Flather said parents of all backgrounds who have extra children should have no right to a larger council house. She added: ‘It is about time we stopped using children as a means of improving the amount of money they receive or getting a bigger house.

    ‘I really feel that for the first two children there should be a full raft of benefits, for the third child three quarters and for the fourth child a half.’

    The Welfare Reform Bill aims to cap the amount of benefits one family can received at around £26,000, to ensure claimants do not get paid more than the average income for working families.

    In a speech likely to spark a fierce debate, Lady Flather said: ‘In the countries of origin, of course, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and even Indians have large families because there is no safety net.

    ‘When you get old it is only your children who are going to look after you. This doesn’t apply here – every old person does have their pension and they will be looked after.’ She said that in education tables, while Indian children came at the top, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis came near the bottom, which she blamed on their families.

    She said: ‘Especially after the recent riots, I think we need to give back the responsibility for bringing up children to the parents. I hear parents say, “But the school should teach them that” and, “But the school should do that”. The school has so much less time with the child than the parents do.’



    Migrants having big families for benefits, says Asian baroness | Mail Online
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    Britain's coping classes at breaking point - The Telegraph

    Lots of wake up calls for Great Britain, but it chooses to remain so called "secular" .
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    Akhand Bharat
    It's not limited to just paki and bangadeshi but all Islamic country as whole. In Holland migrants from Morroco and turkey also follows this formula. 90% of there families has 4 or more kids, only to claim more benefits and bigger council houses for them. best part is both man and wife dont work or dont want to work.they make false medical reasons claim benefits and produce kids
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    True, many people/immigrants are exploiting the great social benefits and hospitality provided by these European nations and their liberal outlook towards taking care of their citizens, and no doubt shameless pakistanis tops this Chart; as we all know how bigoted and jihadi retards they are - hence they have influenced other muslims too, especially the 2nd Generation Bangladeshis who somehow feel that these illiterate jihadi porkis are some kind of Islamic brothers, and guess what - they have also become freeloaders like failed state pakistanis. These demented Islamic pakistanis have ruined their Failed Islamic State of Pakistan, now like true parasites they are out there to ruin other Host Nations. It's high time that these Islamic bigots are deported back to the hell on earth called pakistan and disallowed to immigrate so that these pigs do not corrupt other hard working muslims.
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    If immigrants are taking advantage of loopholes in European laws, what is it to us ?

    PS: Those having greater number of people not needing work exhibit presnece of large families and/or close knit communities.
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    I actually had a Bangladeshi cab driver take me from the airport and he gave me this big sob story about how is children are starving. I was about to give him a big tip until he started tailgating this slow freaker for about two miles dragging up an insane cab fare. His tip was 5% for that. The illegal Chinese taxi will take you for 1/5th his amount and get you their fast. I tip him 70%.

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