Mehsud Tribe Elders threaten to stop support to GoP

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    WANA: Elders of Mehsud tribe announced at a Jirga on Saturday to end cooperation with the political administration from December 20 in protest against non-provision of assistance pledged to the affected people of South Waziristan.

    Addressing the Jirga held at the political compound of South Waziristan in Tank district, Mehsud elders said the political administration had not fulfilled its pledges on the repatriation of the affected people of the area, compelling them to protest.

    Malik Raapa Khan Mehsud, Malik Boghi Shah Mehsud, Maulana Aisamuddin, Malik Kiramatullah, Mohammad Hashim Khan and others attended the Jirga.

    They complained that those repatriated were facing a number of problems as their houses were damaged and there was no supply of water and electricity and other basic needs in the area. They added that the people were dying of cold.

    They said the administration had promised the affected families payment of one million rupees assistance after repatriation and so far more than 300 families had been shifted there. They complained that none of the families had received the compensation amount. They said the political administration had also promised the repatriating families complete support but this hasn’t started yet.

    Hameedullah Khan, assistant political agent, when contacted for comments, said around 60 families had been given Rs25,000 each and food package for six months.

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