Maitri (SR-SAM) Project Analysis

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    Eight years in the Making, Unwanted by forces yet Indian government has asked the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to engage with the French firm MBDA missile systems for development of short-range surface-to-air missile system (SRSAM).
    Indin Army and Indian Air force have already rejected it and Only Indian Navy which has agreed to buy Nine SRSAM Systems consisting of 40 missiles each. While Navy Initially in 2013 had rejected the very same French offer.
    Negotiation with France had begun after Trishul was officially scrapped, rounds of meeting and work share talks failed to make headway due to various reasons and Soon Armed forces lost interest in the project due to other developments. But still In 2014, India and France inked a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the Indian Air Defense system. with a co-development dual venture between India and France, which will be developed by MBDA of France and DRDO from the Indian side.
    SR-SAM technically in Indian Navy will be replacing Barak-1 which provide Point defence to warships against Closing missiles and jets. According to MBDA missiles, will have a range of 15-km, a max altitude of 3-km with a sea-skimming mode, with a vertical launch multiple target capability. Which means it will replace Israeli Supplied Barak-1 missiles in Indian navies warships in future.
    Joint Venture?
    According to reports development of next-generation, quick-reaction surface-to-air missile (QRSAM) will have Joint-venture Partnership of 60% French and 40% Indian in $5 billion SRSAM program ‘Maitri’. The missile will sport a smokeless solid rocket motor, low aspect ratio wings and jet vane control for thrust vector control. single shot kill probability (SSKP) of at least 70% for a single missile fired, and 85% for a salvo shot involving two missiles.
    But French have already carried out the development of the seeker, thrust-vectoring assemblies, endgame avionics, propulsion for the missile. DRDO likely to get minor Workshare which will not lead to any significant technology contribution towards the missile program. While Missile will be produced locally in India under Transfer of Technology (TOT) India will end up paying Royalties for next 3 decades to France for every missile produced.
    Only Navyon board
    Indian navy is only one who has officially joined the Project. Indian army has officially not commented on the program yet but has shown No interest in the project, While Indian Air-force have officially remarked that it is unwanted Project and MR-SAM system like Akash with a range 25 km with command based guidance system is good enough and IAF is also funding Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) Program which will be Land based missile system based on Barak-8 and will have range of 70 km .

    forces don't want but goi want the deal. Somethings never change.

    This time we're funding french 2.5b us$ for 15km short range missle. Army,IAF don't want it. Just for few systems for navy?

    Most systems doneby french. We only doning screw driving.

    Fos Modisarkar 'make in India' means 'assemble in India'?
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