Lunchbox wins Critics Choice at Cannes

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    Irrfan Khan's new film "The Lunchbox", an Indian-French-German co-production, won the Grand Rail d'Or at Critics' Week at the 66th Cannes film festival and the North American movie rights were acquired by Sony Pictures Classics.

    We are all aware of the typical Bollywood movie formula but the reason i am posting this is India has a huge opportunity making film in collaboration with other countries. Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire both won lots of awards and had a huge indian crew.
    from the interview with Irrfan

    Q: Since most big studios are averse to making films like "The Lunchbox", do you think that collaboration with international studios is the way forward?

    A: It is. I think it's a new thing which will erupt in the Indian market and I have been telling this to producers for many years - collaborate with other countries, collaborate with producers from other countries and we will have our international product. Somehow this has started happening and this will keep going on and this will help our directors and our producers to find new markets, to find new languages of cinema, to find an Indian universal language of cinema.

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