Logistics, artillery and engineering roles are crucial posts for women

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by Ray, Dec 2, 2010.

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    The British Army is facing an acute shortage in soldiers.

    Women could fill in the gaps caused by the shortage.

    Why are they chary about using women in the front line combat duties such as infantry.

    Is it because of the distaste of what would happen if a woman falls into enemy hands?

    Or is it there would be a flurry of sexual indiscretion, sex for favours, hot bunking, sexual harassment, long pregnancy leave to include leave for weaning the child born? What if a woman repeatedly has children and is on legitimate leave, how will it affect her training, since the basic skills are taught and learnt in the early part of the career. When she returns after very long leave caused by repeated pregnancy and birth, she might know less than that of the juniors she has to command. What happens in such a situation?

    Indian Army has women only in the combat service support. And it banned the employment of lady ADCs to Generals, when a wife of a General complained.

    What is your take on using women in the infantry including staying in isolated posts as the others do on the Line of Control.
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    For all the talks about equality for women. i think for all of the reasons raised by Ray Sir in his post. Women PoW for sure would be brutally sexually assaulted. That would be a given. And yes they will go on maternity leaves etc. But also would form easy target to exploit as well.
    Women should remain in non combat zones, i am sure others could differ with me but women in combat could be a serious security risk.

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