LoC violations on rise,India wants new rules,more flag meetings

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    LoC truce violations on rise, India wants new rules, more flag meetings with Pakistan | CanIndia NEWS
    Faced with a spurt in ceasefire violations, India plans to put forward proposals to Pakistan that include fresh border rules agreement and more flag meetings by adding an additional sector along the LoC. The issue will be taken up for discussion at expert level meetings on Conventional and Nuclear Confidence Building Measures between India and Pakistan to be held in New Delhi on December 27 and 28.
    MEA Additional Secretary for Pakistan -Afghanistan-IranY K Sinha will lead the Indian delegation for the meeting on Conventional CBMs. Joint Secretary, Disarmament and International security Affairs,D B Venkatesh Varma will lead the Indian delegation forthe meeting on Nuclear CBMs.
    According to available figures, 44 ceasefire violations were reported in 2010. It went up to 51 in 2011. Till August 2012, it hadtouched 33.
    It is learnt that India will putforward the proposal for fresh border rules agreement to replace the existing agreement signed in1961 at the meeting on Conventional CBMs. Islamabad had earlier not shown interest in the proposal, but New Delhi wants to put it on the table again.
    Sources said that New Delhi will seek more flag meetings,and will also ask for an additional sector where they can hold these flag meetings. It is learnt that thenew sector is likely to be Turtuk. At present, flag meetings between India and Pakistan take place at foursectors — Uri, Poonch, Tangdhar and Kupwara.
    The proposal to have the agreement on “inadvertent crossers” will also be proposed by the Indian establishment, as the pact has been in limbo for sometime now.
    While Islamabad is okay with the agreement for the crossers along the international border, it is notkeen to have it along the LoC.
    The officials at the meeting on Nuclear CBMs will talk about the anti-ballistic missiles shield. While Islamabad wants to be briefed about the “Ballistic Missile Defence”, India has all along maintained that theyare not targetted at any country.
    India will also reiterate its request for Islamabad to join in the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty, by referring it to as a good CBM.
    The last expert-level meetings on Conventional and Nuclear CBMs between India and Pakistan were held on December 26-27, 2011, in Islamabad . Duringtheir meeting in Islamabad on September 8,the External Affairs Minister and Foreign Minister of Pakistan had agreed that the next round would be held in the second half of December 2012.
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    Rules are for reasonable people. People in Delhi have forgotten the old Hindi proverb "Eit Ka jawab patthar"

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