Literacy and the Global Peace

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    Today the international literacy day is being celebrated. Even in this age of science and technology, there are hundreds of millions of people who do not know how to read or write. A large number of children are denied access to education especially in tgird world countries. Although acquiring education is the basic right of every child, yet it is still a priviledge in many societies of he world. The worst sufferers are the women.

    Literacy and peace go side by side. It is said that if you want to pomote peace, it is better to promote literacy first. The more the literacy rate the more stable and peaceful the communities would be. As you see the progressive and developed nations, they are more peaceful also. The basic reason being that they have more literacy rate.
    The question arises: Is literacy co-related with peace? Is global peace impossible without achieving a reasonable degree of literacy? The answers to these questions is anybody’s guess.

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