Lev Tahor Jews, abused by Israel and Canada, flee to Iran

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    Lev Tahor jewish group is being targeted all around the world especially by israel , Canada and US .

    their anti-zionism believes and deep religious ideas (close to real judaisim) is the reason behind all of the abuse and torture they are facing today .

    they are accused of being a quote "cult" that forces girls to marry young !! rabbi shlomo Helbrans the head of this jewish community strongly denies these accusations :

    "we tell our members that they can unfollow the community if they dont have 100% Satisfaction , the truth is all those weddings are carried out by the will and complete understanding from our girls . no one marries before 16 years of age and its all done according to law "

    after suppression and crackdown on the community , they moved to Canada where their children are being taken away from them by false accusations and they are being suppressed even harder .

    the following is a letter from a member of this community asking for HELP from international human rights groups :

    I am talking about a story, that it's hard to believe that such a scenario can happen at all in a western country nowadays, however, I can easly prove that it's real. Indeed, everyone, even those who prosecute my family, agrees with the facts of the story.
    Everyone agrees about the tremendous suffer of my family both because my wife and daughters are dressed with the original Jewish cloths which remind the "Talibans" and because we belong to a very religious community that is vilified by all. I want to give only few examples for what we go through almost every day: A "shower" of stones, pulling cloths rudely, beating the children, spitting, cursing, not allowing to cross public places, blocking the exit doors of buses (when the driver allows them to enter the bus at all…), blaming our girls in stealing from shops in front of all the customers, throwing garbage of their heads, a total refusal to rent an apartment, photo'ing them in the middle of the street ext. Everyone agrees that our whole family wants to leave Israel. Everyone agrees that till now nothing was done in order to help us.
    We are forced to stay and suffer in Israel because my mother with her two brothers that are lawyers succeeded to prevent from my children to get out of Israel through court. (Stay of exit order), and all of this is only because we wanted to visit the above vilified community which is regarded as an extreme ultra-Orthodox
    Everyone agrees that we have very close relationship with the above community:
    I stayed in the community more than half year altogether, so that I know what is going on in the community very well.
    My wife stayed in the community for a period of 10 days, in which she talked with all the women there.
    All the family talks a lot on the phone everyday with people from the community.
    There is an intensive correspondence between our children and the children of the community for almost two years (We have at least a thousand letters sent from Canada to us).
    Our boys learn about three hours a day with the class in Canada.
    Our daughters also learn according to the community studying program.
    Our whole way of life is very similar to the way of life of this community.
    For example, we eat the same, we dress the same ext.
    Everyone knows that immediately after the return of my daughters (who wanted so much to be with the community during Rosh-Hashana (A Jewish holiday)) by force to Israel, my mother suited me in order to take our children from us, without calling us to court. (See document 1). Immediately when she realized that we are good parents, she changed the prosecution claiming that she wants to "protect" as from the community that may "still" all our money (See document 2).
    Everyone agrees that we brought almost 10 witnesses from the community (The whole community is Of 45 families) as well as social report of the community (See document 4).
    The trial went on and on with an endless circle. Bringing another witness against the community, proving that he lies and calling to the next witness etc. (Even someone that heard bad things on the community from others could testify on it…)
    Unfortunately, we did not have the mental power and the budget to continue the trial. We requested to end the trial out of the above reasons. In the request we declared that we do not accept any accusation on the community and that in the long run we want to leave Israel. As we had no other choice, we agreed that the Stay of exit order would remain for each child till the age of 18 (See document 3).
    Everybody knows that "Makor Rishon" newspaper made an offense by publishing the testimony of a witness before the witness testified on it in court.
    . Everyone knows that the Prosecutors were required to meet the community and refused to know the community for no reason.
    Everyone agrees that Canada is a law and welfare state, and it is impossible that a bunch of lunatics will not get the proper treatment from the Government of Canada and its police and Social Services.
    Perhaps not everyone knows, but the concepts "cult", "brain wash", "mind control" etc. " that people are trying to "revive" them in Israel actually passed away 20 years ago. While the researcher Margaret Thaler - Singer that invented them (And the cults Affairs report submitted to the Israeli Minister Kahalon is based on her) denounced as a charlatan. Her testimonies were are accepted in the courts anymore. As well as the courts stopped using these terms at all.
    We are crying out for any possible rescue that would help us to leave the State of Israel, in which we and especially our children suffer a lot. So finally we will be able to manage our own lives without forcing, like each and every family.
    Shaul and B. boyer "


    after all these suppression and crackdown , the innocent members of this community are trying to flee to IRAN where they can practice their religion freely without being targeted by anyone , under full protection and support from iranian people , ARMY and govt.

    Long live humanity and peace !

    Lev tahor jews being targeted by canadian racist govt and media :

    Children of ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect Lev Tahor must return to Quebec for foster care, Ontario judge rules | National Post

    Lev Tahor child removal order upheld by Ontario judge - Montreal - CBC News



    mashreghnews (farsi) report on the community :

    یهودیانی که از اسرائیل تا کانادا تحت تعقیب و آزارند + فیلم و تصاویر - مشرق نیوز | mashreghnews.ir


    Lev Tahor community website (please support them by pouring supportive comments)

    אתר קהילת לב טהור - Home


    lev tahor community :



    the head of community :





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