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    Several innovations that I came across in India truly fits the description. Let’s see some of them and how they impact our society.
    Mobile – Shops:
    (I am not talking about cellular shops here :)

    Nothing new, but I always thought they are fascinating element in India’s business ecosystem which is missing in metros and most countries abroad. In today’s super-busy lifestyle, I find it awesome if someone can come to my house for fixing my gas stove or to sell vegetables. Hats off to these innovators (like one below) which meet my needs and also figured out an innovative way to sustain.


    Nano Ganesh:

    To operate the irrigation pumps, villages and rural locations in India are often marred by fluctuations in power supply, difficult terrain, fear of animals on the way to pumps, hazardous locations of the pumps along the river or water storage beds, shock hazards, rains etc. Nano Ganesh is a GSM Mobile based remote control system exclusively for the use with water pump sets in agriculture areas.


    The need of Nano Ganesh aroused from the routine problems faced by the farmers in operating the pumps. A farmer has to simply dial a number dedicated for a Nano Ganesh set and then punch his on or off code for the control of the pump set. It can be connected to any existing electrical starter and motor pumps. Hence, there is no necessity of replacing the pumping set. With bulk of our GDP coming from agriculture, I think products like Nano Ganesh are super-important to keep the sector blooming.

    Ever thought about a washing machine made of junk which runs on mechanical and kinetic energy? Well, Sourabh Siyal and Tushar Agarwal, students of Christ College, Bangalore definitely did and invented Eco-wash. To me the machine is a revolution because it is cheap and environment friendly at the same time. It can be of great potential usage in Indian rural areas where electricity is scarce. Even in industrial areas it can be useful and cost effective.


    It’s fascinating to see some of the most “awesomest” marketing techniques used by Indian vendors which will even give the best of B-Schools run for their money. Below are some of my favourite ones


    I haven’t seen a better marketing campaign than this. It’s amazing how they have utilized Google’s popular brand image and used it to sell golas (snow-balls)!


    This one was by Childcare, India when they wanted to create awareness about child beggars in India. I think it captures the emotions beautifully which makes it innovatively effective.

    Obviously, these are just very few examples of innovation in India, but I am always excited to see how we Indians learn from different sections of our society and utilize this knowledge in our lives. I guess that is what drives us together as a nation and I have no doubt that many more innovations are yet to come.

    Would love to hear about such unique India-centric innovations that you may have come across…let us know.

    Here is List

    More will soon :thumb:
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