laser guided Hydra rocket

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    some points :--

    The versatile Hydra 70mm rocket family is primed for a new lease on life, thanks to widespread efforts underway to convert these ubiquitous rockets into cheap laser-guided precision weapons.

    The benefits would be considerable, which explains why strong competition has emerged from all points of the compass. America’s “Advanced Precision-Kill Weapon System (APKWS)” is one of those efforts, and after numerous delays and false starts since its inception in 1996, an “APKWS-II” program finally entered System Design and Development (SDD) in 2006. In 2010, it finally entered low-rate production…

    APKWS Advantages, and an Eventful Ride
    APKWS-II concept
    APKWS concept
    (click to view full)

    Laser-guided rockets would expand the range of aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs carrying precision weapons, and also expand the number of precision weapons each platform carries.

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