Largest Illegal Immigrant Bust in History?: NY, VA

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    Owners of several 7-11 locations are being targeted for hiring illegal immigrants from Pakistan and paying them poor wages.

    They are billing this as the largest illegal immigrant bust in history. Problem? They aren't at all concerned about the immigrants being here illegally... only the fact that those immigrants didn't get proper wages.

    Moral of the story: Obama is not going to come after you for hiring illegals if you pay them well. Agree?

    The feds have charged nine owners of 7-Eleven franchises with hiring illegal immigrants to work long hours in their eastern Long Island stores and cheating them out of hourly wages under threat of deportation, officials said Monday.

    Some employees worked 100 hours a week, but were paid for less than half that, or part of their wages was deducted to cover their rent in crowded boardinghouses owned by the defendants, where they were required to live.

    Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch called the setup a "modern day plantation system" with the franchise owners as "overseers" of the exploited workers.

    The probe is being expanded to examine 40 franchises nationwide, including 25 in New York City and Long Island, said James Hayes, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations.

    Lynch said the greedy defendants perverted the American Dream by raking in millions of dollars off the backs of their fellow nationals from Pakistan.

    The 7-Elevens "are part of the roadside scenery of America," Lynch said. "But inside the familiar red, green and orange façade, beside the Slurpees and hot dogs, an un-American practice was going on."

    Largest Illegal Immigrant Bust in History?: NY, VA
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