Kolkata port on high alert after terror threat

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    The Kolkata port in West Bengal has been put on a high alert after central security agencies warned of Pakistani terrorists planning an attack with the help of Pakistan Navy elements. Two Navy warships - INS Khukri and INS Sumitra - docked in the city for the Indian Navy Week celebrations on , have reportedly been sent back to sea. A Defence Ministry statement said that they were "withdrawn for undisclosed operational reasons". The recall of the two warships came in the backdrop of an alert by central intelligence agencies to Kolkata Police about the possibility of a terror attack in the city, especially in the port area. Asked whether the recall of ships is due to the terror alert, Defence CPRO Group Captain T K Singha said, "No, it has nothing to do with any terror alert. The recall of ships is strictly due to operational reasons." A Defence press statement said, "The alacrity by which Indian warships are ready for operation at a short notice was demonstrated by the quick turnaround of the two visiting warships - INS Khukri and INS Sumitra - which had just berthed at Kidderpore yesterday, amply showcasing Indian Navy's prompt readiness as the two warships are set to sail out within hours of a recall to the sea for undisclosed 'operational reasons' on orders by Eastern Naval Command HQ, today." According to the statement, the warships were scheduled to berth here till Friday, enabling the public visit the ships on Wednesday and Thursday.

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