KBC 4: First Woman To Win 1 Crore

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    Rahat Taslim, a 37-year-old woman from Jharkhand became the first woman to win Rs 1 crore in Kaun Banega Crorepati and also the first Crorepati in the show’s season four.

    Taslim is a simple woman from Jharkhand and she runs a small stitching centre. It was not sheer luck but hard work which let her win the one crore because this woman had two lifelines intact till she reached the last 1 crore question.

    She said, "I had come with huge expectations and good preparation for the show. I worked over my general knowledge and have always had a good hold on science and arts."

    Her final question was “Who was the first woman President of Africa?” and about how she answered that she said, "I used my phone-a-friend lifeline and called a chartered accountant friend expecting he would know the answer. Unfortunately he clearly said he had no clue. So I had to use my last lifeline double dip which won me the crore."

    However, Taslim was clever enough not to answer the 5 crore question with no lifelines left with her. She said, "Since I expended both my lifelines over the one-crore question, I did not want to take a risk and thought it made sense to quit."
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    Congrats to the the siad lady . Now she must be caerfull because she stays in naxal infected area

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