Jordan to revoke citizenship of PA, PLO officials

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    Slightly older news, did not show up in forum search, so posting here

    Jordan to revoke citizenship of PA, PLO officials



    In a surprise move, Jordan has decided to revoke the Jordanian citizenship of Palestinian Authority and PLO officials, sources in Amman disclosed Wednesday.

    The sources said the decision would also affect the leaders of the PA, who would be granted temporary Jordanian passports to facilitate their travel.

    The move coincides with a new electoral law in Jordan that seeks to limit Palestinian representation in parliament.

    The latest steps are seen in the context of Jordan’s 1988 decision to sever all legal and administrative ties with the West Bank, except for Jordanian sponsorship of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

    The late King Hussein justified the move then by arguing that it was intended to help the Palestinians establish their own independent state.

    Amman has defended the decision to strip Palestinians of their Jordanian citizenship by explaining that it is aimed at “preserving the Palestinians’ national identity and paving the way for their return to Palestine.”

    It is unknown at this stage if PA President Mahmoud Abbas would be stripped of his Jordanian citizenship, the sources told Saudi newspaper Al-Madina.


    In recent years the Jordanians have stripped thousands of Palestinians of their Jordanian citizenship in an apparent response to calls to establish a Palestinian state in Jordan. Nearly half the kingdom’s 6 million people are of Palestinian origin.


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