Jaipur: 200 Year Old Temples Destroyed For Construction Of Metro Corridor

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    soon to be Bengalistan

    The district administration and Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) demolished two temples from Walled City area, which were said to be centuries old. The drive was initiated at 4 am to demolish Rojgareshwar Mahadev and Khasthharan Mahadev temples, obstructing the construction of Metro corridor proposed from Chandpole to Badi Chaupar. The official said before the temple structures were razed, idols were safely kept in Tanwar ji Ka Nohra at Natani ji Ka Rasta.

    Nearly 400 police personal were deployed to keep protestors at bay. A senior police official said, “We have arrested 12 miscreants who were provoking other residents to carry out protests.”


    How authentic is the news? The picture looks pretty authentic and the website has a reputation for authenticity.

    In Visakhapatnam, the big-wigs' club was to get demolished for the Vizag metro project, but it was latter saved by just shaving its parking lot and making a half-loop around the club. Couldn't something like that be done with the temples? What is it was a mosque or a church? Also, one temple can be digested, but two? Who made the blueprint? Even in BJP led Rajasthan it is happening. Shame!
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    Anybody who wish to continue the worship should go the new locations where the idols have been relocated.

    No need of further discussion on this subject.

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