Israel's giant UAV becomes operational

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    The Air Force's largest unmanned aircraft is scheduled to begin operations within several months after eight years in development, Ynet learned. In the past it was reported that the Eitan UAV was developed to reach Iran and Sudan.

    Several Eitan UAVs are scheduled to begin operations in the various combat sectors including Gaza and Lebanon.

    Weighing five tons, Eitan is 14 meters long and has 26 meter-long wings. It is able to fly for 20 hours straight at a maximum speed of 143 Knots and reach a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet.

    Israel's giant UAV becomes operational - Israel News, Ynetnews
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    Great machines, IAI Eitan can perform Multipule roles from Intelligence gathering to Bombing role. Its actually an update versions of Heron UAV, which are already operational in IAF Inventory.

    The Best thing about Eitan is its Endurance and High altitude operations.

    In future they may could be converted into Long-range jammers. UAVs using for active jamming in electronic warfare would be very useful, In Libya Conflict USN F-18s Growlers played very crucial support for the NATO Aircrafts. I'm hoping to see India partner with Israel for such a project. Our fighters could continue on their missions with less worrying about SAMs and other threats.
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