Islamist terrorism in the West is more a nuisance than a threat

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    People in the West and elsewhere overestimate Islamist terrorism. Islamist terrorism is a dangerous and bloody nuisance to the West, but Islamist terrorists have absolutely no hope of bringing about the downfall of Western civilisation or the world economy, as they would like. Islamist terrorism can be contained. There will be acts of terrorism but the terrorists cannot invade the U.S. They are a continual nuisance, but not a threat. The only way they can become a cohesive force to wage real war on the West is if something like the 55 million Moslems in Europe, for example, band together and form an army and wage open war on the societies that host Moslems, such as France or the UK or Germany. But at present they are too divided and unorganised to do that.

    A predicted and hypothetical scenario is given in the below video entitled "Europe in 2029" where Europe's Moslems and ethnic minorities wage war on Europe. The video's overlaid titles and subtitles are sometimes written in poor English, but the written language is good enough to get the video's basic ideas across.

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