Is this good way to boost GDP?

Discussion in 'China' started by satish007, Jun 5, 2012.

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    What a waste. Barely nine years old, the Green Island Stadium in Shenyang, Liaoning province — known as the biggest indoor stadium in Asia, occupying 455,000 square meters with 30,000-plus seats — cost nearly 1 billion yuan to build (including more than $1 million [6.4 million yuan] for the turf alone, according to Shenyang Daily), and now it’s Asia’s biggest rubble heap. Yesterday, demolition crews put down this King of Albatrosses, leaving a mess that will take several more months to tidy.

    � Asia’s Largest Indoor Stadium, Built In 2003, Now Demolished [Video] Beijing Cream

    badmaash, China even don't need so big stadium, they should build a place for cricket so that they don't have to waste so much if they want to change in the future. but anyway, Congratulations, Shenyang will have new buildings and higher GDP.
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    One way to boost GDP, as I understand from experts from a certain school of economics, is to print money out of thin air. Keep printing them, and you will have a massive boost in the nominal GDP.

    Statistics is like a bikini, ... [I'll let you figure out the rest of the phrase] :)

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