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    When the entire world is seeking better energy resources, the fossil fuels fall short of their expectations. With its dwindling supply and rising prices, it is increasingly becoming a matter of concern for the energy dependent economies. As such people across the world are now shifting to renewable sources of energy as a means of alternate energy.

    The oil sector is strong today, like it has never been before. This can be attributed to the high return over investment that it offers. It is projected that the ROI from the oil & gas investment can be as high as 650% or more. The investment is not just high, it is also quick. The returns can be expected within the first few days of an oil well getting explored and hit.

    Another key factor affecting the popularity of an oil sector is the presence of Petroleum. Petroleum can produce a number of by-products when mixed with other non-hydrocarbons. It is a highly useful product that can add great value to our lives.
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    What is the point in this thread?

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