Indonesian Navy eyes Russian, Chinese missiles

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    Indonesian Navy eyes Russian, Chinese missiles | Top Russian news and analysis online | 'RIA Novosti' newswire

    The Indonesian Navy is planning to arm its new patrol boats with Russian and Chinese missiles, the Antara national news agency reported on Tuesday.

    "We will gradually increase the number of patrol boats and arm them with Russian and Chinese manufactured missiles," the agency quoted Navy Commander Adm. Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno as saying.

    Speaking at a ceremony to mark the 64th anniversary of Indonesia's Armed Forces, he said the patrol boats would be used to guard the country's maritime borders.

    In October 2008, Purdijatno said his country would like to buy Russian SS-NX-26 Yakhont supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles.

    The Indonesian Navy currently uses mainly U.S. or West European manufactured weapon systems.

    The Indonesian Defense Ministry said in July the country had put off until 2011 plans to buy two submarines and several warplanes due to financial problems.

    Indonesia was planning to buy two submarines in 2010 from a yet-to-be-chosen country. Possible suppliers included Russia, Germany, South Korea and France.

    The Defense Ministry said a decision was unlikely to be made in the near future.
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    Russian and Chinese missiles are cheaper than "U.S. or West European manufactured weapon systems." If the Russian and Chinese missiles can do the job, it doesn't makes sense to pay a premium for US or West European missiles. However, Western arms manufacturers may respond by lowering their prices to become more competitive.

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