Indian plan for military ‘intervention’ in Maldives in place

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    The Indian government appears to have prepared a contingency plan for some form of military intervention in Maldives in the event that the new President Dr Mohammed Waheed seeks it – and to fly deposed president Mohamed Nasheed out of the country to ensure his safety and well-being.

    According to reports, a Defence Crisis Management Group made up of the operational wings of the Indian army, navy and air force has been placed on standby. An amphibious briage under 54 Division will lead the operations if required.

    A decision to intervene militarily will require the government to take a political call on the unfolding situation. PTI
    A decision to intervene militarily will require the government to take a political call on the unfolding situation, which has taken a dire turn in the past 24 hours, after police cracked down on street demonstrations by supporters of deposed president Nasheed, who too was beaten on Wednesday and for whom an arrest warrant has been issued.

    It was not immediately clear if an Indian intervention would only be in aid of civil defence or would have a wider military significance – or whether it would be a military drill. India has thus far scrupulously refrained from taking sides, unlike in 1988, when it rushed to the then President Gayoom’s defence when he faced an armed invasion by a Sri Lankan militant group.

    Nasheed’s wife and children, meanwhile arrived in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. Nasheed himself remains in Male, and has said he will court arrest if police came for him.

    On Thursday, the newly sworn in Maldives President Dr Mohammed Waheed spoke to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh – and during the telephone conversation reaffirmed the special ties that his country shared with India, and held out the assurance that he was committed to upholding the Constitution and the rule of law.

    Singh, in turn, said that India stood ready to provide any support or assistance that the people of Maldives might require.

    Indian plan for military ‘intervention’ in Maldives in place | Firstpost
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    Hmmm well it may be good sign that INDIA is to help Democracy in it's neighborhood and avoid killing of innocent civilians to an extend of sending military team to rescue.

    I doubt where it was when lakhs and lakhs have been killed brutally in our more close neighbor country SRI LANKA :rolleyes:
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    Having screwed it up by being a fast draw Sheriff instead of keeping one's counsel, now India is meandering all over the place!

    The Home Minister and the ex Police Chief in the Ministry are Wahhabis!

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